Hi! My name is Erin Wedereit. If you say “We Do Write” really fast, that’s how my last name is pronounced…it is such a wonderfully, cheesy gimmick for a Language Arts teacher, but it works! I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 with my degree in Middle School Education. I just finished my second year as an 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Grovetown Middle School in Columbia County (right outside of Augusta, Georgia). I am just starting work on my Master’s Degree, in Middle Grades Education with emphasis on Language Arts, and I am thrilled to become a Double Dawg!

I truly believe that I have the best job ever. Middle schoolers–8th graders in particular–are by far the most dynamic and interesting little people to work with! I love watching them develop into young adults as they “find themselves” both academically and emotionally. I currently teach in an inclusion setting which brings me an incredible range of abilities, personalities, and perspectives in my students that I thrive on as an educator.  I strive to be as student driven and culturally responsive as possible when designing my lessons by pulling in issues, topics, and subjects that are relevant to my students. My love for teaching reading is centered upon that notion of interacting with my students through texts that they connect with while simultaneously honing in on strengthening their skills as readers–no matter the level they are at. My students have my heart. I tend to form my thinking, planning, and opinions with them in the forefront of my mind. That sounds incredibly cliched and almost too cheesy for me to even tolerate, but it is my reality.

With all of that sappy stuff over with…I moved back home to Augusta, Georgia after graduating. This is definitely the most interesting stage of my life so far! I am the proud owner of  a one-of-a-kind “Georgia Black Dog, All American Mutt” named Dwight David Eisenhower-Wedereit, but we call him “Ike”. On May 20th, I got married! We had a small beach wedding on Fripp Island in South Carolina, and it was perfect. My new last name is Kwon, but the name change process is tedious, so for now at UGA, I am still Erin Wedereit.