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Cult of Pedagogy:

I want to go have coffee with Jennifer Gonzalez. There is just so much on that site. I spent a long time productively procrastinating there.

  • Trouble Huddle: Instead of shutting things down when things don’t go as planned, simply asking students what is going on and working from there really sets the tone. This is one of those things that we all know to be true with students. If you ask, they will tell, but it is so hard to completely let go here. Definitely will keep this in the back of my mind for the inevitable breakdowns to come.
  • How and Why We Should Let Kids Fail This one just screams relevance. I tend to go around and around (with myself) on this topic, and I still don’t have any steadfast opinions on it. But definitely interesting. Students have to be held accountable, but there has to be support from admin and the home life. Such a interesting concept.
  • Diary of a First Year Teacher: The Power of a Thank You: I am about to start my third year teaching. I think that the stereotype around your first year being the hardest is inaccurate. Year Two is a powerful nightmare. There were parts in this last year were I could totally see why there is such a high departure from this profession within the first 5 years. Some days, it was hell with no rewards. But I can never see myself leaving the classroom. This article reminded me of that.

Teaching Tolerance

I hardcore love this site. I think I have even done a screencast review of for one of my classes last fall. I recommend this one out whenever I get the chance in hopes of someone listening. Whenever I know that my content is lacking in perspective and cultural…or if it is just downright boring, I just go to this site and find a way to bring in something that they have never even heard of. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ease of access and the fact that it is free.

Howard Zinn

I was first introduced to this man by Dr. Janis. We did an independent study course about what school do not teach–hidden curriculum. All of his books sit on my teacher shelf behind my desk, and I have actually read them too which is out of the ordinary for books on that shelf. The education project that he founded is phenomenal. That and Teaching Tolerance are my go-tos. He challenges the traditional version of white man’s history and that needs to be brought into classrooms–especially since the new Social Studies standards have done an excellent job of taking the women out of the curriculum.

Rethinking Schools: The blog portion of this site had me going for a long time. There is so much interesting stuff there to explore.

Arkansas’ Howard Zinn Witch-Hunt Fizzles: How fitting. Truly displays the sign of the times.

Trump and Our Students Talk about a clickbait worthy title, but worth the read. “We need to listen to our students and create a space where they can talk, ask questions, and analyze what has happened. We can tell students that we will do whatever we can to make our schools—and our world—safe for them and their families.”

Common Sense

This site harbors links to it seems like hundreds of options that I want to look at for incorporating into the classroom. Below are the links that I found to be interesting for me:

Student Games and Interactives

Get Your Classroom Started with Coding

Pick any ELA standard and it links to effective, meaningful digital resources I think this one is my favorite find of this task. Definitely helpful.


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